Regulator Repair Rates (Labor Only):
Dive computer Battery Replacement
Depth Gauge Verification
BCD Inspection
Tank Valve Overhaul
Water Tight Test
Air Test
O2 Cleaning


Drop off and Leave Repairs

$55.00 service charge/plus parts
Inspection $25.00

Next Day Repair

Add $40 to the “Drop Off” rate

Same Day (when available)

Add $50 to the "Drop Off" rate

•  Includes a 1 year warranty on the repaired items as long as all recommended repairs are completed by Sea Level Scuba.   Excludes hoses (except where replaced by SLS) and mouthpieces.

Dive Computer Battery Replacement
(includes water test to 130 feet)

•  Includes a report of the computers depth reading and gauge reading. Depth Gauge Verification:   

•  Includes a report of the instruments depth reading and gauge reading.

BCD Inspection:        

$25 plus parts if the inflator overhauled at the same time.

Tank Valve Overhaul: $15.00 plus parts

Standard J Valve        
Standard K Valve       
H & Y Valves               

Water Tight Test: $20.00
(anything that will fit in the chamber, max depth 300ft)

Air Test: $90.00         

O2 Cleaning of Air Cylinders: $45.00
comes with VIP

Mail Order Regulator Repairs

Need your reg repaired? Fast, Quality turn around time
Repair most brands and age Reliable Professional service with over 20 yrs experience.

Click here Regulator Technician and send us an email
about your regulator. We will send you a price along with shipping instructions

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed







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Rental Rates
Price Per day

BCD $10.00
Regulators $10.00
Tanks (Air) $7.00
Tanks (Nitrox) $10.00
LP Steel Tanks $15.00 +fill
Double Tanks $25.00+fill
Dive Computer $15.00
Dive Flag & FLOAT $8.00
Spear Gun $30.00
(Plus) your own tip)
Metal Detector $45.00
Videos $5.00
Mask $5.00
Snorkel $5.00
Fins $5.00
Cavern Safety Reel $10.00
Cave Primary Reel $15.00
Lobster catch pack $15.00 (Bag, stick, measurement device)
Wetsuit $10.00

Ask about our Rent to Own Program